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Tired of cookie cutter chicken recipes? How about trying some of our favorite stuffed chicken recipes!

There are a million ways to cook chicken, but you know what makes it more exciting? It’s packed full of goodies! Here is my list of 5 stuffed chicken recipes. Each variant tastes surprisingly different from the others and has its own unique flavor profile.

Herb Stuffed Chicken Breasts Recipe

Looking for a classic? Just look no further than Stuffed Herb Chicken Breast. Filled with cheese and delicious herbs, this stuffed chicken recipe will win over even picky eaters. This chicken requires only 10 minutes of prep time and it turns out delicious.

Fajita Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Do you love fajitas but want to mix it up? Get all the flavor of Fajitas in my Fajita Stuffed Chicken recipe! I tell you this is genius.

It’s really easy to put this chicken together, and there’s still plenty of time to throw the side dishes together. That’s part of what makes this weeknight dinner so popular. This dinner is perfect with vegetables, salads, or even some Spanish rice.

Fajita Chicken breast stuffed on a white plate with mushrooms, peppers and cheese.

Cajun Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

One of my personal favorite recipes is the Cajun Stuffed Chicken recipe. I love food with a little kick and this recipe is full of flavor.

This one is definitely a goalkeeper. It took several rounds of testing to get this recipe just right, and we happily eat every version. That’s all the good things about cajun chicken pasta, without the pasta. You can serve it with buttery pasta. I did and it was great. Or you can skip the carb addition and serve it with greens or a salad as shown. Either way, nobody’s complaining about the gooey cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions oozing out of the center all stuffed into a deliciously seasoned chicken breast.

Cajun stuffed chicken breast cut open, oozing with hot melted cheese and peppers

Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Balsamic and Herb Glazed Chicken Stuffed with Artichokes, Bell Peppers and Fennel. This Stuffed Italian Chicken Recipe will tickle your taste buds! In this particular version of stuffed chicken, I decided to use fennel, a super healthy and underutilized vegetable. Fennel is delicious and adds a certain sophistication to this simple dish. Throw in some roasted red bell peppers, artichokes, and cheese, and you’ve got a killer filling. It’s topped with a balsamic and garlic glaze.

Balsamic and Herb Glazed Chicken Stuffed with Artichokes, Bell Peppers and Fennel.

Lasagna Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Do you or your family love lasagna? Do you or your family love chicken? In this Lasagna Stuffed Chicken recipe, combine these two flavors in this surprisingly delicious combo. Did you even know this was possible? !

The idea for this recipe came to me while a girl and my friend were on a trip to San Francisco cookbook critic and dietI rushed to make it as soon as I got home because I knew it was going to be a drool-worthy recipe. It did not disappoint! This is the one chicken dish I can eat night after night.

Lasagna stuffed chicken breast cut in half on a white plate showing the cheese oozing from the inside of the chicken breast.