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If you’re looking for the ultimate cookie recipe, you’ve found it! This beer braised bratwurst recipe makes a great addition to a fun grill. You can also whip them up for a quick and easy weeknight meal. This hearty dish puts a twist on traditional burgers and hot dogs! To bring out the flavor of the sausages, we sear them first. We do this to preserve all the delicious aromas that the meat releases as it cooks. You can also enjoy it straight from a hot, juicy bath of beer. They are so much better than shriveled sausages left to dry on the grill. Serving with toasted bread takes this dish to the next level. Spread grated mustard on top, then place the sausage and some baby onions on top. This is a flavor party you are invited to!

Which beer is best for bratwurst?

There are several different types of beer out there, and not all of them are suitable for this beer brat recipe. Pair it with a pilsner for best effect. This means brands like:

  • miller
  • Baiwei beer
  • photonic reactor
  • Heineken beer

You may like the craft variety, but save it!

Beer Substitutes:

We realize that not everyone feels comfortable cooking with something alcoholic. You can participate in:

  • non-alcoholic beer
  • chicken soup
  • Apple juice

That said, we love the earthiness that cooking with beer brings to this dish. And, remember that when you cook with it, all the alcohol evaporates.

Bratwurst Options:

When you gather the ingredients for this dish, the type of meat you choose matters. Dachshund is a type of sausage. You’ve probably seen precooked foods in the supermarket that have been brewed in beer. Skip those – you want unprepared sausage. The best will come straight from the butcher!

What’s the best way to cook a beer brat?

We swear by the brown-first approach! If you’ve ever used a beer brat recipe before, you know that it usually requires you to take a bath by boiling beer with onions. Recipes like this often skip the browning step entirely. When you make ours, don’t skip it! This way you will better retain the flavor of the meat. And you won’t get mushy, tasteless sausage.

Can I make this recipe on the grill?


Preheat your grill and place the roast on the grates, browning on both sides. While the buns are browning, in a grill-safe skillet or Dutch oven, melt the butter and cook the onions. Add salt and pepper. When they soften and turn golden, add the garlic. Cook for about 1 minute, then add the beer. Bring to a simmer, then add the veal and cook in the beer and onions for 10 minutes, or until ready to serve.

Troubleshooting: How Can I Keep My Toddler from Drying Out?

If you follow our recipe, you won’t have to worry about your meat drying out. And because we brown them and cook them in a beer and onion mixture just before serving, they’re juicy every time!

Service suggestion:

Wondering what’s right for your bratwurst recipe? Here are some of our favorite service suggestions: