Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

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A recipe that combines your favorite takeout food with the slow cooker is an all-around win! We can enjoy our favorite soup, which we usually only keep for take-out or delivery, and make it perfectly fit into the busy schedule of each day. It doesn’t get easier than a slow cooker. Throw it in and come back later for a delicious soup! But if busy mornings keep your family from using the slow cooker, we’ve got stovetop instructions for you too! Filled with tofu, it makes a light lunch or as a side dish to your favorite American Chinese meal. You can often find us in the freezer looking for leftover soup for a snack. Especially on cold days, it doesn’t get any better.

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup is not an authentic Chinese recipe, but a typical American Chinese takeout restaurant. Stay At Home Chef uses ingredients that are readily available to most people in the US and Canada, making it easy for anyone to sample world cuisine, even if they have limited travel opportunities or limited access to local ingredients.

What is tofu?

Tofu is a soy product made by compressing coagulated soybeans, much in the same way cheese is made. Tofu is rich in protein and is often used as a meat substitute. Tofu comes in different textures and firmnesses, depending on protein content and water content.

What kind of tofu should I use?

Tofu is sold in varying firmnesses, starting with the softest: silken, extra soft, soft, medium, medium firm, firm, extra firm, and extra firm. You may see all of these hardness levels at the grocery store, or just some of them. Firmness depends on how much water is pressed out, so stronger versions hold less water.

In this recipe, you’ll want to use firm tofu, as it will absorb the most flavor while retaining its shape.

Is Chinese Hot and Sour Soup Vegetarian?

As written, this recipe is not vegetarian due to the chicken broth. You can substitute vegetable broth if desired.

Spice Grade:

You can control how much spice you need in your soup by controlling the amount of sriracha. If you can’t tolerate heat well, stick to a teaspoon of Sriracha. If you want to keep it spicy, use up to a whole tablespoon!

Can I add an egg?

The eggs in the hot and sour soup are all a matter of personal preference. Some people like to add eggs, some people like not to add eggs. We wrote the recipe without eggs, but you’re welcome to slowly add a beaten egg or two in the final step.