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Easy Citrus Ceviche is a simple and delicious fish dish. Raw white fish marinated in tropical juices and topped with cilantro and red onion. Simply delicious!

My Easy Citrus Ceviche is a super easy dish that seafood lovers will love. It’s perfect as a light dinner, or as an appetizer. I like to use nice white fish or bass, but any firm white fish will do. You can even use frozen fish, although I always prefer and recommend fresh.

Ceviche or Seviche is a South American dish that originated in Peru. My recipe draws on these origins, using passion fruit along with limes in a fish-soaked sourdough. If you’re worried about the smell being too fishy, ​​don’t. This Easy Citrus Ceviche is light and flavorful without being overly fishy when eaten fresh. It also has an exotic feel, so it’s fun to hang out with friends.

Is it bad to eat raw fish? Is the ceviche cooked or raw?

If the fish is clean and prepared properly, it is fine to eat it raw and retains the flavor and delicate texture. Ceviche is an undercooked fish dish, but there are ways to make it “less raw”. The acid in the juices in which the fish is soaked denatures the proteins in the fish, creating a cooking-like change. The fish was still considered raw, but the texture, as it was placed in the lime juice, became more like cooked.

If you are concerned about parasites or bacteria, you may choose to blanch the fish in boiling water. I don’t recommend this as the acid in the lime juice will kill any bacteria, and blanching the fish can overcook the fish if done incorrectly. If you choose to boil, it is best to blanch. Simply boil the fish for 1-2 minutes, then toss in the lime juice.

What to serve with ceviche?

Ceviche can be eaten on its own, atop fresh vegetables, or with heartier meals. Traditional ceviche is usually served with boiled potatoes, yams and corn. You can stick to a seafood-themed entree with lobster, shrimp or scallops, or, you can serve it as an appetizer with chips, crackers and avocado.

What type of fish is best for ceviche?

When making ceviche, you need to use fresh fish. Firm and semi-firm white fish from the ocean tend to work best in terms of flavor and texture. Look for fish such as bass, halibut, grouper, flounder or flounder. When in doubt, feel free to ask at the fish counter which fish is best for ceviche and will be the freshest. Frozen fish is also considered an alternative to fresh fish. Frozen fish are flash-frozen immediately after catch to maximize freshness. It is best to use frozen fish immediately after thawing for maximum freshness.

Pro tip: To keep the fish chilled during preparation, place the mixing bowl in a larger mixing bowl filled with ice cubes. This will keep your ceviche cold and fresh.

Closeup of ceviche with lime wedges in a white bowl.

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Ceviche in a white bowl is topped with a lime wedge.

Easy Citrus Ceviche is a simple and delicious fish dish. Raw white fish marinated in tropical juices and topped with cilantro and red onion. Simply delicious!

Preparation time 15 minute

total time 15 minute

raw material

  • 1 pound fresh white bass or halibut
  • 1 big lime Juiced
  • 1/4 cup Orange juice
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1/4 cup diced red onion
  • 1 big avocado diced
  • 2 roma tomatoes diced
  • pinch Salt


  • Cut the fish into bite-sized pieces and transfer to a large mixing bowl. Keep it cold.

  • Immediately toss the fish with the lime juice and orange juice.

  • Add cilantro, red onion, avocado and tomato. Season with a pinch of salt. Let stand until the fish is no longer translucent. Serve chilled.


Interesting to use passion fruit juice instead of orange juice.

Calories: 212kcal | carbohydrate: 10G | protein: twenty twoG | fat: 10G | Saturated fat: 2G | cholesterol: 91mg | sodium: 85mg | Potassium: 670mg | fiber: 4G | sugar: 3G | Vitamin A: 530unit | Vitamin C: 22.9mg | calcium: 32mg | iron: 1.4mg