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These Rugged Cookie Cups couldn’t be easier! They’re made with pre-made cookie dough and topped with toasted marshmallows, toasted almonds, and chocolate chips. They are the best summer dessert and ready in minutes!

molly from here what did molly do! I’ve been sharing a new recipe every month on The Stay at Home Chef since January, and I hope you all enjoy them! Don’t worry if you missed some, you can check them out in Rachel’s archives!

Inspired by Rachel’s latest chocolate chip cookie shot and all the roasted marshmallows happening this summer, I knew I wanted to share a cookie cup recipe with you! Not only are cookie cups a delicious, bite-sized dessert, but they’re also a breeze to make.

They only require 8 minutes of baking time and 4 simple ingredients.

4 Ingredients for Rocky Road Cookie Cups:

  1. Premade Cookie Dough: That’s what makes these cookie cups so easy! No need to stir or clean extra bowls (win-win), just a quick trip to the store for refrigerated cookie dough. I’m using traditional chocolate chips here, but you can get creative and use peanut butter, chocolate, or anything else that sounds good.
  2. Roasted Almonds: You can buy almonds that are already toasted, but I like to take a frying pan at home and toss the almonds in for a few minutes. It will make your house smell great!
  3. Chocolate Chips: I use semi-sweet chocolate chips so they aren’t too sweet. You can of course use dark chocolate here too. I love dark chocolate!
  4. Roasted Mini Marshmallows: The marshmallows are the best part. They’re sweet, and when you pop them in the oven to bake, they puff up and turn golden brown. This makes them taste as good as they look!

Rocky Road Cookie Cups Filled with Chocolate Chips, Almond Chips, and Marshmallows

That means when you head to the store, all you need to do is add 4 simple ingredients to your shopping list. I don’t know about you, but I want to do as little extra work as possible during the summer. That means all easy recipes.

A recipe that only takes a few minutes but leaves the same impression on everyone.

What impresses me is exactly what I did when I put it to work last week. Someone actually said: “These are too cute to eat!” I call it a success!

Not only are the ingredients easy to pick, but they’re also easy to put together.

How to make Rocky Road Cookie Cups:

Let the cookie dough sit for a few minutes to soften to start the process. This makes them easier to roll. Once rolled, place them in a greased mini muffin tin and use your thumb to gently push down in the center to create a small hole (see photo above).

Bake them in a 350°F oven for 10 minutes. In just 10 minutes, these cookies turn into soft baked cups. Get ready for all the rough road ingredients!

Top each cookie cup with 3-4 marshmallows, some chocolate chips, and a handful of toasted almonds. Turn oven to bake, then return filled cookie cups to oven for 1-2 minutes. I recommend watching the cookie cups carefully at this point to avoid burning. They can get extra large and start to turn light brown. That’s when you want to pull them out! Let cool or serve hot, and you’re done.

You’ll love these Rocky Road Cookie Cups! Simple and delicious desserts are always my favorite.