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If you’re looking for festive drinks for a holiday party, look no further! Grinch punch is a non-alcoholic Christmas themed punch that’s cute and super tasty. Here’s something everyone at your table can enjoy, no matter what age. The combination of flavors will give you a citrus and almond green punch that is refreshing and delicious. It packs a punch – in terms of cuteness and taste! Bonus points if you serve this in a mug with the classic Grinch face on top. Use plastic cups and draw on them with permanent marker, or make a special set of glasses for your annual holiday party. Christmas movie buffs will definitely benefit from it!

How does the Grinch Punch taste?

Thanks to ingredients like citrus soda, ice cream, evaporated milk, and almond extract, Grinch Punch has a creamy, citrus flavor. You’ve probably never thought of pairing citrus with ice cream, but omg, is it delicious? Tastes similar to lemon lime sherbet!

Interesting add-ons:

While making this green punch as directed is certainly festive, you can make it even more fun with a few other add-ons! Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Add a sugar rim – dye the sugar green or red, or use colored sugar
  • Use maraschino cherries for a more festive look
  • Top with a dollop of whipped cream
  • Serve with red and white striped straws

Flavor Variations:

Of course, we love our Grinch drinks a lot, but we have room to tweak the flavors. You can add different types of fruit juice to your soda if desired:

  • pineapple juice
  • Green Berry Rush Hawaiian Punch
  • lemon juice
  • Grapefruit juice

The key to using juice is to add a few tablespoons at a time and taste test. You don’t want to end up with overly citrus notes, so be careful with any flavoring you use.

Which ice cream should I use?

You can keep it simple and use classic vanilla ice cream in your green punch, or you can mix it up. Here are some options that work well with other ingredients:

  • vanilla bean
  • strawberry
  • raspberry

Can I add alcohol?

If your friends and family over 21 want to give their Grinch drinks a little kick, you can definitely add alcohol. While you can always try your favorite alcohol, we recommend sake — such as vodka or rum — because it’s more neutral and doesn’t affect the overall flavor too much. Make sure to drink responsibly!

Explain in advance?

This drink is best served fresh. If you make it too far ahead, the soda will water down and the ice cream will melt. That said, you can prepare the sugar, evaporated milk, and almond extract mixture a few hours before serving—just make sure to store it in the refrigerator.