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Delicious and easy, these red candy tarts are a kids favorite that you can now make at home and bring back memories of your childhood!

Who doesn’t love an iconic pop pie? I know I grew up pretty much living off them. On the go, pop pie. For a quick and easy breakfast, pop pie. Don’t know what I’m hungry for, okay! Get themes here?

So when I start making pop pie It was a real game changer in the kids’ home a few years ago. Suddenly, they’re asking mom to make pies instead of buying them from the store. When this happens, I know I must be doing something right! This is always a win in my book!

My kids are full of their favorite flavors. It changes from day to day, so it’s best to rotate between different fillings. So now that it’s getting cooler outside, I thought I’d make brown sugar this time! They love them!

Add a little spice because who doesn’t like that. Not that spicy spice, but a good cinnamon type, because I don’t think spicing up my kids’ breakfast with something super spicy would really be popular in the family! If that’s the case, they’ll be sniffing in no time!

These pastries are really easy to make. The dough itself is made in the food processor, then chilled and rolled out! It’s a fun way to get the kids into the kitchen with you, since there aren’t many steps beyond pouring ingredients. My 4 year old daughter really loves helping me make these!

Frosting sprinkled on baked homemade red candy tart

When the kids ride the bus home, they feel instant gratification. They couldn’t be faster to rush to the stove and grab one of these! I even gave some to my mom who happily accepted my generous offer lol!

The filling is so quick and easy, consisting of just brown sugar, flour, and cinnamon! I mean how easy that would be!

The hardest part is actually getting the pop pie shape. If you have pop pies on hand then you can use those for the outline, but we just used a small piece of cardboard we made that was about the same size and went from there.

You can also have fun with these and use the cookie cutters to shape and create fun creations!i made thesenon-cardioid Valentine’s Day and every kid goes crazy for them!

So, if you want to stick to more homemade breakfasts or snacks, look no further than these red sugar tarts! They’re quick to eat, a fun treat the kids will love helping out, and a great store-bought option!