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There’s nothing like french fries. We could eat these all day, every day, and we definitely have more than once. Please don’t judge, we know these may not be the healthiest food in the world, but they sure are delicious! Learning to make chips at home is a game changer. We no longer have late night drives or delivery fees! We always have russet potatoes in our house, which basically means we always have french fries in our house. In our deep frying obsession, we know how heavy all that oil will be. Enter: the air fryer. We still get super crispy and tasty chips and no more oil worries. These may be low calorie french fries, but they sure don’t taste like that!


Russet potatoes are really the best choice for all kinds of french fries. The flavor is closest to anything you’ll ever eat in a restaurant, plus they have a better texture and are more resistant to frying.

Oil Options:

We know there are so many different types of oils to choose from and everyone has their favorite! However, you may want to lay down your favorite oil to make sure you’re using the best oil for the job, while keeping an eye on the smoke point.

For air frying, you want to use a neutral flavor oil with a high smoke point. Using an oil with a lower smoke point means you’re more likely to burn your chips, which is a sad thing. Our favorite oils to use are peanut and vegetable oils. Unfortunately, oils like coconut oil and olive oil are not practical for this recipe.


We love fresh herbs in our fries. Rosemary fries, anyone? Just be sure to wait until the chips are cooked before adding them. Adding the herbs before putting them in the air fryer will only result in burnt herbs.

Why are my Air Fryer French fries not crispy?

If your fries are not crisp by 12-15 minutes, you can continue to cook them until they are crisp. All air fryers are slightly different, so the suggested cooking times may not be sufficient for all air fryers.

Organize tips:

if you are making a lot of French fries, you might worry that your first few batches of chips will go cold before they are ready to eat! To make sure all of your fries are ready to serve hot, place them all back in the air fryer basket after the last batch is done and cook for 1 to 2 minutes to reheat your previous batch. Once they are crispy, you are ready to eat!

Baking Instructions:

Don’t want to blow up? No problem, you just pop them in a preheated 425°F oven for 20-25 minutes, until cooked through and golden brown.