Old Fashioned Beef Stroganoff

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Why does beef stroganoff come out of the box when it’s so quick and easy to make from scratch? With so much rich, creamy sauce and delicious beef, no one can deny that beef stroganoff is the ultimate comfort food. Even the picky, mushroom-hating family member will come back for seconds!

We know and love this egg noodle recipe, however, beef stroganoff is traditionally served with potatoes and is also known around the world to be served with rice. We especially love the egg noodles, but there are so many varieties there is something for you!

I didn’t have Worcestershire sauce on hand. Can I use something else instead?

We always recommend sticking to the original recipe as this will give the best results. However, soy sauce is a 1:1 substitute and is the closest and most recommended Worcestershire sauce substitute.

What type of mushrooms should I use?

You are welcome to experiment with a variety of mushrooms in this recipe! White mushrooms have a milder flavor and work well in beef stroganoff. Crimini are tastier but can be used interchangeably with white mushrooms. Portobello mushrooms have a much richer flavor but work well here too. Fun Fact: Crimini mushrooms are very young, little Portobellos!

Can I use other cuts of steak?

The secret to making the best beef stroganoff is the cut and quality of the meat used. Look for cuts with a lot of marbling of fat. If you want to try something other than sirloin steak, boneless ribeye and sirloin are two great cuts.

Can I use ground beef instead of steak?

To substitute ground beef for steak, simply brown in a pan until cooked through, then drain excess fat. Add the flour and cook until dissolved, about 2 minutes, before proceeding with the rest of the recipe.

What should I serve with beef stroganoff?

Not everyone likes egg noodles, and that’s okay! Your favorite pasta, mashed potatoes or rice will do. Looking for healthier options? Try zucchini noodles or mashed cauliflower.