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Chinese takeout is divine. Once we crave it, we cannot settle for anything else. We often have cravings on a ridiculous night when all takeout restaurants are closed. What do we do next? Like many of our recipes, this one was born out of necessity. Having spring rolls at any time is such a source of happiness that we can’t keep it to ourselves. Get ready to enjoy these absolutely amazing homemade spring rolls!

Perfectly Crispy Spring Rolls is not an authentic Chinese recipe, but a typical American Chinese takeout restaurant. Stay At Home Chef uses ingredients that are readily available to most people in the US and Canada, making it easy for anyone to sample world cuisine, even if they have limited travel opportunities or limited access to local ingredients.

Appreciation of crispy spring rolls:

While spring rolls may be considered part of Chinese cuisine, you can find them throughout East and Southeast Asia, as well as Vietnam. Different cultures have made modifications to the spring rolls, with their own variations on the type of wrapping and filling, and they are all delicious!

Egg rolls and spring rolls:

While you can find many variations of egg roll and spring roll fillings, the biggest difference between the two is the wrapper. Due to the thinner dough, spring rolls are lighter and crispier when fried. However, the egg rolls have thicker wrappers and are denser.

Meat Choices:

Ground chicken and pork are the most common, but you can easily make it with other ground meats if desired. Alternatively, pork butt cut into fairly small sizes is another great option!

For a plant-based option, you can also use your favorite meatless scraps.

Can I use ginger powder and garlic powder?

We like it fresh, but you can always substitute 1 teaspoon ground ginger and 1 teaspoon garlic powder if desired.

Oyster Sauce Substitutes:

If you can’t find oyster sauce, there are several substitutes available. Hoisin sauce is your best bet, with a similar consistency and flavor. Otherwise, you can always use soy sauce.

Air Fryer Instructions:

If you want to make these in the air fryer, spray the spring rolls with vegetable oil and preheat the air fryer to 390-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook 4 minutes, turning halfway through.