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We love soup any time of year, but fall or a rainy day makes it even better. This soup is great anytime and goes well with any Latin American dish. Poblano peppers give this soup smokiness and a bit of spice — not too much. The white cheddar is sharp and creamy, and also holds back the heat from the chili. Lively cheese and cream come together to make this soup not only super flavorful, but a crowd pleaser. Prepare to fall in love with this soup!

Roasted Peppers Instructions:

Grilled: Heat an outdoor grill to high heat. Make sure the grill is well oiled. Toss the peppers on the grill and roast until the skins are cracked and blackened, tossing occasionally to cook on all sides.

gas stove: Throw the peppers directly onto the grate of a gas stove so they get the heat directly from the open flame. You don’t want the flame to actually touch the peppers (they do catch fire) so adjust the heat accordingly. Turn occasionally with tongs so that all sides are charred and slightly blackened and the skin starts to peel.

broiler: You can place the peppers on a baking sheet directly under the broiler in the oven. Roast under the broiler, turning occasionally, until the peppers begin to darken and the skins begin to crack.

Immediately after you finish roasting your peppers using one of these three methods, place them in an airtight plastic bag. The heat from the peppers creates steam inside the bag. The trapped steam will loosen the pepper skins, making them easy to peel. After sitting for about 1 hour, they should have cooled and the skins should come off easily. You can then continue with the recipe.

Do I have to roast the peppers?

Don’t want to roast poblano peppers? no problem! You can substitute two cans (7 oz) of diced green chiles.

How Hot Are Poblano Peppers?

Poblano peppers are somewhere between warm and hot. To get a better idea of ​​the heat ratio, white pepper is recorded at 1,000 to 2,000 on the Skoville heat scale. A jalapeño usually costs around 7,000. One of the hottest peppers, the ghost pepper, has 1,041,427 registrations.

Can I use sharp cheddar in Baked Poblano White Cheddar Soup?

Absolutely. White cheddar is already sharp, but if you like sharp cheese, you can always go for it – it will be delicious in this soup. Also, if you prefer a milder cheese, you can substitute mild white cheddar. The yellow cheddar will mix with the green poblano for an unpleasant brown color, but still taste great.

Can I make this ahead of time?

This soup is best served fresh. If you want to make ahead, it’s best to roast the peppers ahead of time and puree them with sautéed garlic, cumin, and onions. You can refrigerate this mixture for up to two days. That alone drastically reduces prep time when making this soup.